Amazon Migrates API to MWS, Deprecates PAAPI

Today Amazon announced that their widely-adopted service, the Product Advertising API (PAAPI), will be heading for the sunset for sellers, and that a new service has been created to take its place: the new Marketplace Web Services (MWS) API. Amazon will deprecate PAAPI by August 31, 2012, and all sellers and service providers who use this service will need to switch over to the MWS API by this time.

What is MWS?
In a nutshell, MWS gives applications the ability to automatically exchange critical data necessary for merchants to sell on the Amazon marketplace, including listing products, adjusting inventory information, downloading orders, updating prices, and more. It’s a critical service for sellers and third-party marketplace solutions providers.

As a marketplace seller, what do I need to do?
Marketplace sellers should ensure that their solution provider is prepared to support MWS without interruption to their business, and sellers using a custom solution will need to update that solution to transition from PAAPI to MWS as soon as possible. Amazon has provided an MWS Migration Guide for anyone needing assistance with the migration process.

The migration to MWS will be seamless for Monsoon Pro, Monsoon Edge, and Monsoon Connect customers, all of whom will continue to experience the same level of service and functionality. Thanks to a strategic partnership with Amazon, Monsoon Commerce has been working behind the scenes in recent months on updates to our products to leverage MWS and ensure seller competitiveness within the Amazon market. Monsoon Commerce clients will retain the ability to:

  • Apply the same sophisticated formulas and rules for pricing and re-pricing products
  • Match the lowest price among sellers in the same category
  • Include shipping fees in pricing calculations
  • Compete against FBA and non-FBA sellers

For more information, check out Amazon’s MWS client libraries and documentation.

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